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Bora Sezer
Ozyegin University
C. Bora Sezer is an academician at the Istanbul Ozyegin University's Architecture and Design Currently he gives Design Studio classes and Virtual Reality Design classes to interdisciplinary students as an elective. His interests lately concern, Extended Reality including virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, Game Mechanics, and cultural heritage preservation techniques via photogrammetry. Bora Sezer holds Dutch Citizenship and besides English speaks Dutch as well.
Derek Smith
Word. Creative Consultants
I’m a professional speaker known for my distinct voice and original ideas in public and event speaking. I work as a Virtual Event Host & Advisor alongside my consultancy, Word. Creative Consultants.
Mitya Sorkin
Feeling Digital
Co-founder and creative producer of Feeling Digital, a VR/AR studio from Minsk, Belarus. He has been involved in producing immersive experiences since 2014. He worked as an interactive experience designer on dozens of projects in the sphere of art, marketing, advertising, education, and entertainment.