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Michael Kolchesky
Visual solutions 360
Michael Kolchesky is a pioneer in the field of virtual reality. a professional photographer/videographer since 2005 and a VR 360° passion specialist Since 2008. She holds a degree in photography and visual arts from Musrara Academy in Jerusalem and a diploma in photography from the Art Institute of Atlanta, US. She is the Founder of Visual Solutions 360° based in Paris, France and collaborate on large-scale projects around the globe as a VR technical consultant, 360 VR camera operator, VR imagery post-production expert and as interactive tool’s developer. She had contributed to over 100 VR projects. She worked for very variate projects such as big brands publicity, educational projects, cinematic experiences, artist, extreme action, travel and luxury and historical time-travel experiences. Michael was also been a Board member and vice president of IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Professional Association, from 2016-2019) and helped to organize the international professional VR conference at Vienna (2017), Tokyo (2018) Belfast (2019) And been giving lectures and masterclasses for VR international conferences and events in several languages.
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