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David Nahon
Dassault Systèmes & FameUX
Trained both as an engineer and an artist (Supelec, Imperial Collège and Univ. Paris 8), David Nahon creates in 1994 the R&D activities of Z-A Production, a pioneer French 3D animation studio. At the same time, he gets involved in the development and the direction of various interactive artwork from Maurice Benayoun, as well the management of the software development of the SAS Cube, the first PC-based CAVE worldwide, and first french CAVE . In 2003, David joins Virtools as a product manager for VR solutions. Since Virtools acquisition by Dassault Systèmes in 2005, he leads the Immersive Virtuality (iV) domain, acting horizontally on the emergence of new usages and markets where the user’s body is highly coupled with the virtual.
Mariam Natroshvili
Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze are the Tbilisi-based artists working together since 2011. Their practice includes multimedia, interdisciplinary, and curatorial projects. Focusing on themes such as the disappearance and oblivion, the key medium of the artists are words, texts, VR, and CGI imagery. They research the personal and collective memory transformed by significant socio-political events. The duo has participated in many international and local exhibitions, including “Houston, we have a problem” - Artisterium VII; “Buildings are not enough” - Tbilisi Architecture Biennale; IDFA doclab, and other projects. Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze represent Georgia at the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale Di Venezia with an immersive artwork I Pity the Garden comprising large-scale video installation and VR experience.
Anesio Neto
3e60 Soluções Imersivas
Lately, I'm committed to making you understand and adopt immersive technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, in an easy way. I truly believe that the adoption of those technologies will be so easy that everyone will use them without even knowing it. But in the end, I'm just a regular guy with a crush on Marketing, Retail and Technology. It ain´t nothing better than this mix. But please shaken, not stirred...😉