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Michael Barngrover
I research, design, and develop immersive experiences and consult artists and companies interested in doing the same. I founded Raptor Dance Studios, an XR design studio focusing on cultural heritage projects, and I'm a phd student at Koç University in Istanbul where I serve as coordinator of the KARMA Lab. My research focus is designing for collaboration in multiuser VR platforms.
Gerard Bernasconi
Author and director of immersive experiences: I'm a trainer in VR professions and author/producer of immersive and holographic VR-AR show (watch my website). Some of my VR experiences: Tumbleweed, VR experience, drama / Quaestio: pilot episode of a 360° series, available on VRrOOm.buzz / TW Last Night: VR experience on Tennessee Williams / Immersive-Story: interactive mutation of comics in virtual reality. I'm the creator of the french immersive writing blog https://www.virtualscript.fr and author of the eBook "Writing Immersive Contents" available (FR and ENG) on https://www.virtualscript.org
Antoine Bombal
The mission of REOVIZ is to boost the content of its clients and highlight their skills, their specificities, their talents, using all its know-how in the field of immersive technologies (AR/VR) and new modes of interaction.
Philippe Bornstein
XR+ (by The Lucid Dreams Company)
XR+ est une plateforme no-code pour créer les expériences AR & VR immersives, interactives et sociales sur le web et dans les métavers. Nous proposons l’essai virtuel de produits en AR, le Live shopping en 3D, la création en IA de modèles 3D de produits et de personal advisors…
François Bouille
French Touch Factory
In 2015, he created Experience 360, a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality studio. Since october 2018, Experience 360 has joined French Touch Factory a wider, creation, BtoB, research and artistic entity of which he is the CEO.
Andres Burbano Lopez
Andres Burbano holds a Ph.D. in 3D Image and Signal Processing from París-Saclay University in France. He currently divides his time as an XR artivist, IT expert, and researcher. As an artist, he uses immersive technologies (IMT) as a tool to produce cultural, social, and research projects, in a transdisciplinary and collaborative practice. Since 2018, he has been introducing IMTs to artists and underrepresented communities through laboratories where all can experience, learn and use them as a creation medium. Currently he is a Sundance Institute Interdisciplinary Program Art of Practice Fellow. As a tech expert, he has experience developing scalable applications integrating Artificial Intelligence and image processing services. He worked as CTO and Research Director in French companies. Currently, he develops a platform to encourage CO2 emissions reduction in transportation under the GreenTech french label. As a researcher, he studies the impact of the uses of IMT on the creative process of performance artists. He published scientific articles related to the assessment of volumetric cameras and their use in the study of human behavior. Director of the digital artists association CANVAR; Co-founder of the Colombian Association of emerging and IMT; and director of the Artizen XR LATAM grant.