Euromersive is the federation of XR professionals. It was created by a gathering of European professionals from complementary professions in connection with XR in order to defend their interests and structure the sector of the creation of immersive content. We now gather content creators, XR expositions, XR arcade places, researchers, start ups, 3D artists, developers, video game makers, movie makers, authors…

Represent all XR professionals before public authorities in Europe, associations and groups linked to this activity.

Structuring the profession, arbitrating funds and calls for projects. Exchange with our natural partners (manufacturers, GAFAM, R&D funds …)

Animating the network, setting up working groups, studies and training.

Advise members of the federation, technically and legally.

Communicate, publicize the sector and evangelize VR with public authorities and trades in which it can bring new outlets or practical uses.

A participative and democratic initiative that emanates from XR professionals to defend their interests.

Our initiative is born thanks to the support of XR professionals. They signed this support letter and showed their will to defend our common interests:

Take part in our working groups. All those who have the will to move things forward have their say and an active place within the federation.

You are an XR professional, join us!

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