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Mathieu Gayet
From the beginning of the 2000s, Mathieu Gayet focused on the emergence of the internet and new broadcasting media. After several years in film production, he co-founded in 2016 RED5, a marketing agency, in order to create digital assets and community management for French actors from various sectors, including entertainment (cinema, television, new media...). Mathieu Gayet is also a copywriter for various media (Onlike.net, CinemaTeaser…). Today, he is looking at new media and storytelling: virtual or augmented reality, interactive applications, and the desire to develop new tools to support producers and broadcasters in this creative sector. In August 2018 he launched XRMust, a curation platform for the XR creative industry.
Alex Gibson
Founder of ARVR INNOVATE - conference and expo in Dublin since 2014. Research, teaching and consulting in immersive technologies with particular reference to their role in marketing communications.
Lorena González
INMERSIVA XR - Extended Reality Association of Spain
I'm cofounder of INMERSIVA XR, Spanish Extended Reality Association. I'm specialist in communication, project management and event organization.
Ricard Gras
Milan Gudeljevic
vr pole d.o.o.
Co-Founder of 2 international tech startups, vr pole d.o.o. and fortis labor d.o.o. 3 EU grants for innovations and several patents and trademarks for industrial design. Awarded innovator with use of extended reality technology. XR pioneer. Dog person.