Euromersive met XR4All, Euro XR and the other european associations on september the 10th of 2020.

EuroXR apologized not to have been able until now to welcome all the XR professionals and sectors.  

EuroXR offers to use their existing organization as a starting point. EuroXR proposes the creation of a Task Force based on 5 large axes to define the philosophy and the goals of the european association. This would lead to structurate the association, to change the statutes and the rules of the democratic life. 

The Task Force Axes :

1. Scientific excellence

2. Business

3. Individual members

4. Relationship with the European Commission

5. Merging with other initiatives

This meeting allowed XR4All and EuroXR to talk about their differences and common goals.  At First they were competitors. They both agree to start talking about creating a merged association. But how ?

The newest or smallest groups and associations told their interest in building a one and only association but insisted in the importance to have a voice, be heard and the need to have their specificities recognized and respected. 

All the participants agreed on having a reflexion based on the proposed Task Force. They will send back their proposals after they consult their members. 

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