The french members of Euromersive gathered on VRChat hosted by VRrOOm, to share their expectations about Euromersive and how to structure it on the French territory. Maud Clavier and François Bouille were elected to represent France on the European board of directors. The members decided to launch working groups and delegations were created per region.

Here is the executive summary :

  • The French members choosed to structure regionaly, Louis Cacciuttolo will represent “South of France” Region and Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes will represent French Caraibs.
  • Maud Clavier and François Bouille were elected to represent French territory on the european board
  • Working groups:

_ An exploratory study on the economic weight of XR in France (turnover, jobs, ecomic benefits) and applications of XR will be launched.

_ The list of VR arcade rooms and VR cinemas in France and Europe must be drawn up. The study will try to list the different channels and platforms made to broadcast VR.

What about working on those topics on each European territory and coordinate much bigger studies at the European level ?

_ Maud Clavier (France), François Bouille (France) and Armando Matijevik (Croatia) began to work on Euromersive web site

_ A brochure explaining our approach will be created and will also serve as content for the website

  • Delegations must be created to meet the associations and the institutions in France and in Europe.
  • It is interesting to meet professional unions and representatives of sectors in which the XR can be integrated to present to them the potential and applications of these technologies. Professional meet-ups can then be organized.
  • The Euromersive Discord is reopened to compartmentalize and organize our actions:

Link to Euromersive’s  Discord:

Link to Euromersive France’s Discord :