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Transforming Emerging Technology for Tomorrow

Experience the heart of Euromersive's vision in our impactful campaigns. With our mission to Empower Humanity for Ethical & Sustainable XR, these initiatives drive change, uniting innovation with responsibility.

Explore ongoing campaigns addressing data privacy, inclusivity, and more. Join us to reshape the future of emerging technology – a future driven by ethics and sustainability.

Be a part of the transformation by joining Euromersive today.

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Women Life Freedom Oct 14th.jpg

Join the Virtual Exhibition "Woman, Life, Freedom: Stories of a Revolution" by Euromersive on Oct 14th, 18h CEST

In an endeavor to amplify voices and unveil hidden narratives, Euromersive invites you to an extraordinary virtual exhibition:
"Woman, Life, Freedom: Stories of a Revolution" on October 14th at 18:00 CEST.

This immersive event delves into the remarkable and resilient stories of women demanding change, courageously echoing through the streets of Iran. The exhibition, supported by Women in Immersive Technologies Europe and R00TSCLUB, promises an unprecedented and transformative experience.

"Art is a universal language that bridges gaps and empowers.

Join us to immerse in this unparalleled exhibition, as we amplify unheard voices."

Euromersive believes in the power of art to shape a vibrant future. Your support in the form of donations through our crowdfunding campaign directly empowers these artists, ensuring their voices are celebrated and their stories are heard globally.

"We envision a future where art and technology unite, underpinned by ethics and inclusivity." 

Event Details:
- Date & Time:October 14th, 18:00 CEST
- Live Viewing
- ArtworksYou can find all details for the exhibited artworks in the attached PDF file 

Engage in the Experience:
   - Check supported devices
   - Download & Install ENGAGE
   - Register
   - Join Session > Join Session by ID > 2raLx
   - Password: (follows tomorrow on our LinkedIn Event page)

Support the Artists:
Your contribution to our crowdfunding campaign is a stride towards a future where art unites, empowers, and propels positive transformation. Donate at

For more information and relevant links, visit

For media inquiries and further details, please contact:
Isabel De Peuter-Rutten,
President, Euromersive

Don't miss this potent event shedding light on transformative stories.

Let us stand United for Women, Life, and Freedom.

Launch HCI.jpg

The Human Capital Initiative: Empowering Social Impact Startups and NGOs​

At Euromersive, we believe that collaboration and collective action are essential in driving meaningful change on a global scale. That's why we are thrilled to announce our selection as one of the Lead Nonprofits for the Human Capital Initiative (HCI) by GatherVerse together with Impact Innovation Foundation, Virtual World Society and Euromersive.

Coming Soon Spring 2024

Our Live Virtual Accelerator, an interactive 12-week program where start-ups envisioning a social impact will be building the pieces of their business and get all the tools required to make it a success.

This is a program for those looking to start a for-profit company or those who have recently started their business within the emerging tech industry and are in need of more direction. At the end of this program each startup will be ready to start and/or take their business to the next level.

Pre-register NOW
You will be contacted next year when we open the official program application.




Join our exclusive 3,5 day sustainability accelerator during Immersive Tech Week in Rotterdam from 28 Nov - 1 Dec.
In a process that would otherwise take you months, you will connect with fellow visionary leaders, meet prominent thought leaders in sustainability & emerging tech and experience their solutions firsthand


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