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Introducing the Human Capital Initiative

Empowering Startups and NGOs for Social Impact

At Euromersive, we are proud to announce our selection as one of the three lead nonprofits for the Human Capital Initiative (HCI) by GatherVerse and Impact Innovation Foundation.

This prestigious initiative aims to create a global network of nonprofits working together to fund social impact startups and NGOs, while providing them with valuable education and fellowship programs.

Collaboration lies at the heart of making a meaningful and lasting change. Recognizing that no single entity possesses all the answers, the HCI brings together nonprofits with a shared vision of positively impacting lives. By building a fund that offers grants, no interest loans, and program-related investments, we aim to support innovations that can demonstrate evidence of success and have the potential to create a global impact.

Added Value of Euromersive

Virtual Education & Startup Funding

Euromersive is uniquely positioned to contribute to the HCI's mission. We offer virtual education programs and provide startups with the opportunity to apply for funding. By leveraging our expertise and extensive network in the European XR (Extended Reality) industry, we foster the growth and development of social impact startups and NGOs.

Through our virtual education programs, we empower entrepreneurs and innovators with the knowledge and skills needed to drive their social impact initiatives forward. Our curated curriculum covers various aspects, including immersive media, emerging technologies, ethics, accessibility, education, and community building. By equipping individuals with these tools, we help them create meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

Furthermore, Euromersive takes pride in offering a platform for startups to apply for funding. We recognize the importance of financial support in transforming innovative ideas into impactful initiatives. As part of the HCI, we review applications from startups that have the potential to unlock opportunities for under-resourced communities or address global social causes. Our Funding Committee carefully evaluates each opportunity, ensuring alignment with our impact areas and assessing scalability and financial viability.

Our Funding Criteria:

Making a Lasting Impact

To guide our selection process, Euromersive follows specific funding criteria that align with our commitment to creating a positive and sustainable change :

Impact Areas
We prioritize startups that align with our five impact areas : climate change, education, metaverse, technology, and youth. These focus areas allow us to address critical challenges and drive meaningful change in society.

Scalable and Viable Solutions
We seek startups with innovative products and market solutions that have the potential to scale widely. Additionally, we assess the financial viability of these initiatives to ensure their availability in the long term.

Internal Capacity
Euromersive strives to be an impactful and value-added partner to the organizations we support. Therefore, we consider our own capacity and resources to effectively contribute to the growth and success of the startups we fund.

Join Us in Creating Global Solutions

Applications for the Human Capital Initiative will open in 2024.
We encourage startups and NGOs working towards social impact to stay connected with Euromersive and GatherVerse Europe for updates on the application process.

Together, we can make a global impact by supporting innovative ideas, fostering collaboration, and providing the necessary resources and education for success.

At Euromersive, we are thrilled to embark on this journey with the HCI, and we invite our community to join us in creating a future where technology and humanity converge to create positive change.

Let's empower startups and NGOs to make a lasting impact on society and build a better world together.

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