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Michel Reilhac resigned as President Euromersive (Oct '22)

First of all we would like to thank and congratulate Michel for his achievements and driving force for the past period at Euromersive and within the XR Industry as such.

We're really grateful at Euromersive that we had the opportunity to have Michel with us and work with him, not only for his vision, personality and wisdom but also his driving force, all with integrity and lots of humanity. As his new role is ethically not compatible with his role as President of Euromersive Michel decided to resign from his function as President of Euromersive. We fully respect and support his decision as it also indicates to what extend we practice what we preach in terms of values such as integrity and ethics. For the time being, François Bouille (Secretary) and Isabel De Peuter-Rutten (Treasurer) will share and ensure the role of president for the time being as our Vice President Sergio Ochoa is fully submerged in some productions. We're all contributing to Euromersive as volunteers in our free time so far which implies flexibility and agility of the entire Board. We hope to announce a new President asap all while continuing the further development of our community and activities in the meantime. You can find the resignation letter of Michel Reilhac here below;

THANK YOU Michel and best of luck for all your future endeavors!

Hello all,

I take this opportunity to address all of you directly.

I have been appointed as one of the 5 persons on the steering committee of France 2030 for Immersive Culture. On this committee , we will have to advise the French Minister of Culture and her teams on priorities to consider to best spend a very significant amount of money for immersive culture industries.

From an ethical standpoint, this mission is not compatible with my involvement in any other organization that could potentially be involved in receiving trickled down funds from France 2030.

I therefore need to resign from my position as president of Euromersive , effective immediately (Oct 3rd 2022)

I hope you understand the good reason for this necessary decision.

I have no doubt that you will find a great new president .

Please keep me in the loop of infos regarding future developments of Euromersive.

And tons of congratulations for the success of the first European Gatherverse...

With best wishes to all...

Michel Reilhac

in AMSTERDAM as home of MELANGE, my production company

in VENICE as programmer of Venice Immersive and Head of studies for Venice Biennale College Cinema and Cinema VR

in LAMU ( KENYA) as home of Kinooni / Made in Lamu, an international creative residency program

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