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Hello everyone and welcome to the Italian XR community!

It is a pleasure to welcome you and have a unique place to share news, insights and create new possibilities together!

I am Elisabetta Rotolo, CEO and Founder of MIAT and Italian representative of Euromersive!

MIAT is the educational and creative hub for immersive Arts and Technologies where we cultivate three different souls:

A full-service center of immersive content and experiences for companies and brands, an XR Academy where we train professionals and young talents by integrating hands-on, unique and innovative training, and an experimental research center.

Our team consists of Global Award Winning directors, creators,researchers, sound designers, blockchain engineers, animators and curators, and immersive industry experts with over 10 years of experience.

Within our community I will share all our Masterclasses and events, at which I will be pleased to reserve a special discount for every Euromersive member! When you apply just write the invite code 2323.

Here I leave you the link to our next international Masterclass in Immersive Storytelling and Metaverse to be held July 3-11 in Milan.

I hope to meet some of you and collaborate together to make new projects and immersive experiences!🔥✨

Beatrice Giordano


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