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Euromersive is a continental European Federation of XR Professionals, established to create and promote a more vibrant and inclusive XR industry in Europe based on a community as a service model.

With Euromersive, experienced and new practitioners, entrepreneurs, and companies have the opportunity to join forces and drive the expanding XR market forward.

Our mission is to grow and thrive the XR industry across Europe, and establish a global center of innovation and excellence in XR research, development, technology, and business.

Membership Benefits

• Access to a vibrant and ever-growing network of XR professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, and experts.

• Direct access to the latest industry news, innovations and developments.

• Unique chances to gain internships and employment in high-growth XR businesses.

• Access to industry collaborations and subsidized travel opportunities.

• Invitations to exclusive networking events, seminars and conferences.

• Access to a wide range of online and offline resources, such as the Euromersive Library, a curated collection of professional XR publications, documents, videos and tutorials.

• Special rates and discounts to all Euromersive partners, suppliers, vendors and service providers.

• Invitations to participate in industry forums and reviews.

• Mentorship, support and guidance from highly experienced industry professionals.

• Opportunities to receive research, development, and investment funding. • Representation on cross-European committees and leadership boards.

• Access to an extensive list of potential investors, sponsors and collaborators.

Membership Types Euromersive offers three levels of membership, depending on your experience and career objectives:

• Individual Membership

• SME Membership

• Corporate Membership

We look forward to welcoming you to Euromersive. Together, let’s create Europe’s leading XR community!

FREE Membership: Membership
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