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Great Benefits

We would like to extend an invitation to you to become a sponsor of Euromersive, the continental European Federation of XR professionals.

Euromersive has been founded to bring together the continent’s leading immersive media professionals, based on a community as a service model, with a humanity centric approach.

Within the rapid innovative innovations of Extended Reality, Emerging Technologies and the future Metaverse, Euromersive provides a community-based platform for those in the field to come together, share ideas, share resources, and collaborate on projects.

With your help, we can develop initiatives such as:

• Creating workshops and events for immersive media professionals

• Advocating for the arts and technology of immersive media

• Organizing research initiatives and industry collaborations

• Supporting students and professionals in the sector

• Connecting professionals with new opportunities

Our loyalty to the industry and towards our sponsors is unyielding.

We can offer highly visible public recognition, brand presence, and exclusive rights to be the sole sponsor on all of our events, materials, and digital media.

Our community is crucial to the success and recognition of the immersive media industry, and with your support, we will expand our reach and impact.

Contact us for one of our sponsor packages or to create a tailor made package that fits your image and budget.

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