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VR/AR Industrial Coalition - strategic paper

VR/AR technologies are becoming more prominent in the EU and globally , and contribute both to artistic and cultural purposes, and to industry-related digitalization of working processes. Understanding their evolution, the most important trends that characterize them, their still untapped potential, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry, is paramount to ensure the uptake of VR/AR in Europe. To guide both policymakers and the industry in future actions to support the VR/AR industry, the European Commission (EC), Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), has commission the ‘VR/AR Industrial Coalition’ assignment. This strategic paper sets out its research findings.

Euromersive took part in the VR/AR Industrial Coalition and several workshops where concerns were raised, experiences shared, ideas & suggestions made between European XR Professionals in many domains over the last year (since November 2021). The strategic paper is available online and free of access since September 2022, it includes statistics and data with regards to investments, funds, the economy but at the same time also the need of values (ethics, privacy, equality, etc) is taken into account.

Going forward the Commission intends to host two meetings per year, where they'll discuss (with all participants including Euromersive) the future of the VR/AR sector in Europe and take stock on the progress made on the implementation of the 7 topics on the roadmap here below:

i. Ensure sovereignty of EU industry

ii. create an attractive investment environment,

iii. improve awareness of VR/AR uses and impacts on the way we live and conduct business,

iv. boost the EU VR/AR industry’s unique feature,

v. improve VR/AR digital literacy and educate talents with right skills,

vi. ensure the deployment of VR/AR is in line with EU rules of Law,

vii. promote standards and interoperable solutions "

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