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WANTED! Local XR Community Ambassador @ Euromersive

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Are you as passionate as we are about XR and its community and do you have some spare time left? We're looking for a local who can gather an entire XR community in their respective country to help them connect/thrive....we're looking for volunteers in each of the following countries

- Belgium - Norway - Ukraine - Moldavia - Iceland - Netherlands - Sweden - Luxemburg - Switzerland - Albania - Austria - Denmark - Greece - Croatia - Cyprus - Portugal - Finland - Lithuania - Ireland - Slovenia - Spain - Rumania - Estonia - Montenegro - Serbia - Bosnia-Herzeg - UK - Hungary - Latvia - Malta - Macedonia - Poland - Czech Republic - Bulgary - Italy

- Kosovo - Bellarussia - Azerbeidjan - Kazachstan - Russia

On a monthly basis you're (+-2h/month)

- present at our Board Meeting to communicate the relevant topics that came up in your local community, the concerns & needs, the wins & improvements

- providing 1 or 2 articles (from the community) that can be used for the Monthly newsletter - provide news/events etc coming up in your country that can be published on the website an social media of Euromersive for the members

On a weekly basis you're (30min/week) - checking the forum/local XR community page for requests/questions of your local community - checking the Discord channel & social media for requests/questions of your local community - inviting people to join our community WE OFFER

- an amazing & fun team! - a big network & plenty of fun events where you can connect with fellow XR professionals - we're working on a sponsorship (for companies to support our cause and future events) so once this is in place we'll be able to offer you a commission fee AND we might be able to - in due time - provide an indemnity for the efforts/work offered to the community depending on our budget For now we're all working on a voluntary basis to put Euromersive on the European map of the XR ecosystem

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