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The Human Capital Initiative: Empowering Social Impact Startups and NGOs​

At Euromersive, we believe that collaboration and collective action are essential in driving meaningful change on a global scale. That's why we are thrilled to announce our selection as one of the Lead Nonprofits for the Human Capital Initiative (HCI) by GatherVerse together with Impact Innovation Foundation, Virtual World Society and Euromersive.

The Human Capital Initiative brings together a network of nonprofits with a shared vision of positively impacting lives and creating a better future. As one of the Lead Nonprofits, Euromersive has the responsibility of creating a funding program within our organization to support social impact startups and NGOs. We aim to empower these innovative ventures with the necessary resources, education, and fellowship programs to catalyze their growth and maximize their positive impact.

Through our upcoming Virtual Education platform, we provide a comprehensive educational framework to equip aspiring startups with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the competitive landscape. Our program offers invaluable insights, mentorship opportunities, and practical guidance to support their entrepreneurial journey.

As part of our commitment to fostering social impact, we encourage startups and NGOs to apply for funding through our HCI funding program. This initiative provides grants, no-interest loans, and program-related investments, with a focus on innovations that demonstrate evidence of success and the potential to create wide-reaching change across multiple countries.

Euromersive brings added value to the HCI and the broader community in several ways:

  • Expertise in XR and Emerging Technologies: As the European federation of XR professionals, we possess a deep understanding of immersive media, emerging technologies, and the metaverse. This expertise allows us to identify startups and NGOs that leverage these technologies to address social challenges and create transformative solutions.

  • Access to a Thriving Community: Euromersive's extensive network of over 6000 XR professionals across Europe serves as a valuable resource for startups and NGOs. By connecting them with our community, we facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities that can propel their ventures forward.

  • Capacity for Virtual Education: Through our Virtual Education platform, we provide startups with a unique opportunity to learn and grow. Our carefully curated programs cover a range of topics, including business development, impact measurement, and ethical considerations, empowering startups to build sustainable and impactful organizations.

  • Commitment to Impactful Priorities: Euromersive shares the HCI's focus on five impact areas: climate change, education, metaverse, technology, and youth. By aligning our funding criteria with these priorities, we ensure that our support goes to ventures that have the potential to drive significant change in these critical areas.

Euromersive is excited to embark on this journey with GatherVerse, the Impact Innovation Foundation and the Virtual World Society, amplifying our impact and making a difference together. We invite startups and NGOs working towards social impact to stay tuned for the launch of our funding program in 2024. Together, we can shape a brighter future and empower innovations that create a positive global impact.

For more information and updates on The Human Capital Initiative and funding application process, please visit our website and check how you can get involved or donate.

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