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Join the DCI Community on Sept 27th 2022 for Event #1: Creative Innovation for Social Impact

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Digitizing Creative Industries (DCI) is an innovation accelerator run by Polis180 and funded by the German Foreign Office, supporting creative ideas from the digital world for a democratic Europe.

We bring together our diverse DCI community with the global ecosystem of Gatherverse Europe and Euromersive to share ideas and policy demands for people-centered approaches and the integration of new technologies for the benefit of our societies.

🚀 Together, we’re accelerating creative innovation for #SocialImpact!

With our accelerator program Digitizing Creative Industries (DCI), we intent to accelerate innovation projects, not only for the digitization of the cultural and creative industries, but moreover to strengthen the creative sector and emphasize its importance for our #Democracy.

Join us for our 2nd DCI Expert Community event, where the focus will lie on the social and political impact of the five #innovation projects. We’ll furthermore discuss what we can do to leverage their impact. Expect a lively exchange between our teams, our expert community and other stakeholders such as political representatives.

➡️ You are an expert and want to participate? Go to our DCI website, click on Community and you’ll receive an invitation.

Join our DCI events and our community by contacting us via our website!

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