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GatherVerse EU Online Summit

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Five weeks from now the GatherVerse EU Online Summit will take place in collaboration with Euromersive, Immerse UK, AWE XR and many more...

The First GatherVerse online summit took place in the USA last February 2022 and was a huge success! It inspired about 10K participants in only 4 days with 80+ speakers in 70+ sessions even including the White House and many fellow partners & sponsors to facilitate this summit! All broadcasted on GatherVerse Live, the AWE XR Platform and the GatherVerse channel on YouTube.

What is GatherVerse Europe? As the USA deals with other challenges, topics, values and circumstances (economically, cultural, governmental, etc) it didn’t take long to propose a European edition of this FREE online summit (speaking about accessibility 😉) and start our brainstorm to put all in place … the dates & website were launched in May followed by the sponsor deck for those who’d like to team up financially (very much appreciated and needed!)

We’ve adjusted the content of the 7 standards (similar worldwide) to make them compliant with Continental European topics/challenges/values as indicated here below.

1. Humanity First Cross-Cultural Metaversal Framework

Ethical – Inclusive – Sustainable

2. Accessibility Stimulate Production & Deployment in Europe

Access to Network / Hardware & Software

Standardization & Interoperability

Intellectual Property

Inclusive Communities (Social, Cultural, …)

Incentives and Programs (Public and Private Sector

Access to Investors

3. Equality Virtual Production

Inherit Culture & Social Integration

Address Fragmentation (Geopolitical/Economic Situation)

4. Safety & Privacy Cyber security and Privacy initiatives

Digital Identity

5. Education Evangelization: Awareness & Use Of XR

Upskilling & Reskilling Of Workforce

Cross-sectoral & Multidisciplinary Initiatives

Virtual Research Centers

6. Community Development Capacity & Market Building

Research & Development

Culture – Art – Music

Continental EU Initiatives

Open Source 3D Urban Projects

7. Wellness (Mental) Health

Nutrition & Sports

Humanitarian Projects

War & Disaster Victims

Universal Virtual Healthcare

Future Benefits & Challenges

Environmental Impact & Opportunities

We also want to make sure that most if not every of the 51 continental European countries is represented, so please forward this request/invitation to the XR community in underrepresented continental European countries.

Panels Besides keynotes from amazing speakers we'll also host some inspiring panels with inspirational XR professionals for insights and hands-on information for your own ongoing & future XR projects

  • A Caribbean panel discussing the latest achievements & opportunities for XR education and deployment in this splendid region rich of XR potential thanks to the founders of Parallel 14 amongst others. Confirmed

  • The "Innerverse" panel - as described so beautiful by one of its participants - about the inner self, mental health and wellness related to technology, mostly due to the urge of being available 24/7 combined with the mass flux of information. Confirmed

  • 5G in Europe What is 5G really? The need, challenges and opportunities for the next generation of emerging technologies and the Metaverse from a European perspective. A panel of European Telecom representatives and a delegate of the EU Commission Awaiting final confirmations

  • XR Associations/Events in Europe What is their take on the EU XR ecosystem and the challenges they see for the future of emerging technologies, the Metaverse in Europe from their experience in the ecosystem. Awaiting final confirmations


Gather people & communities to connect and discuss how we can bring the “MetaVerse” and emerging technologies into a clearer, humanity centered view based upon 7 standards from a European perspective and with European challenges ahead


20th > 21st of September 2022


Online on several platforms (GatherVerse Live, YouTube, others coming up soon)

Surprise Announcements...

We invite you to definitely join us massively for GatherVerse EU as we'll have some surprise announcements for our live participants thanks to our partner AWE XR for the upcoming AWE Lisbon in October 2022 ... so join us and enjoy the great upcoming surprises ;)

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