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Dive into the latest XR insights and tech trends with the latest reports...

1️⃣ CNXR National Market Study:

Explore the first French XR market study!

📈 Delve into captivating XR trends and discover opportunities across diverse sectors. This comprehensive survey highlighted XR's growing influence, especially in Content Creation, Software, Teaching, and Education. These sectors are primed to benefit from this revolutionary technology. To get an in-depth understanding and access more essential information, we invite you to sign up on the CNXR website.

2️⃣ AI & Metaverse Standards:

🤖 Discover the latest AI and metaverse standards and explore other top tech stories by the WEF for September 2023! The advancements in AI and the metaverse are shaping the future. Stay updated and informed about the cutting-edge developments that are propelling us into a new digital era.

3️⃣ Jobs of Tomorrow White Paper:

💼 Explore the impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) on jobs in the latest white paper by the World Economic Forum & Accenture. The integration of LLMs across various industries is shifting how we interact with information and how we work. Gain crucial insights over here.

4️⃣ EU Commission's Web 4.0 Strategy:

🌐 On July 11, 2023, the European Commission adopted a new strategy on Web 4.0 and virtual worlds, aiming to steer the next technological transition. This strategy is designed to ensure an open, secure, trustworthy, fair, and inclusive digital environment for EU citizens, businesses, and public administrations. Explore the strategy and its potential impacts.

Stay ahead of the curve, revolutionize your understanding of emerging technologies, and seize the future! 🚀

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