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Digital Autumn: Sensations

Digital and multidisciplinary artists were invited to apply for a free educational deep-dive course on XR. During this program, participants were invited to explore best narrative XR works, meet some of the most established industry creators and familiarize themselves with practical XR creator tools to prototype and develop their XR project ideas.

The festival will be held from October 21 to November 6 in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

Due to the many exhibitions and conferences in the last 2 months we are way too late publishing our article for the open call (shame on us!), our sincere apologies for this!

BUT the festival itself is still ongoing until November 6th so we warmly invite each and every one of you to check out the amazing work they've put together - in complicated circumstances - including a Pitch session in virtual reality on November 3rd.

All this magic has been created by: Alina Mikhaleva Georgy Molodtsov Emmanuelle Faucilhon

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