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Hi Everyone

I invite all the members here to have an in-person conversation about the community's approach to empowering storytellers,

please use this link to book a slot for an online meeting



Selen Lun

How can stories conduct the development of XR technologies?

Technologies already have provided a fertile ecosystem for creative storytellers and artists to design XR products.

But the XR artists could take a step forward and create the path of sustainable development for the XR technology by inventing new storytelling methods.

I proudly present you, your host for the XR Storyteller Community:

Franck Verjux
Selen Lun

Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, get updates and share photos.

Franck Verjux
Selen Lun
Nadia El harradi
Mohammadreza Mazarei


    By putting more concentration on the storytelling aspect of ...

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