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Shared by Thomas Poetter in the GatherVerse WhatsApp group

🚀Introduction to Machine Learning

🪢Stanford: Machine Learning

🚀Making Friends with Machine Learning

🪢Applied Machine Learning

🚀Statistical Machine Learning

🪢Neural Networks: Zero to Hero

🚀Introduction to Deep Learning (MIT)

🪢CMU Introduction to Deep Learning

🚀MIT: Deep Learning for Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity

🪢Stanford Deep Learning

🚀Deep Unsupervised Learning

🪢NYU Deep Learning SP21

🚀Foundation Models

🪢Full Stack Deep Learning

🚀Practical Deep Learning for Coders

🪢Machine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps)

🚀Stanford - Transformers

🪢NLP Course (Hugging Face)

🚀Natural Language Understanding

🪢CMU Advanced NLP 2022

🚀Multilingual NLP

🪢Advanced NLP

🚀Deep Learning for Computer Vision

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